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Professional Plumbers in Ashford

Plumber at work

We provide an extensive plumbing service for domestic customers in Ashford, Kent.

With over 25 years' experience in the plumbing and heating industry, our plumbers have a wealth of experience to bring to your new bathroom. From shower installations to a new sink or bath, your bathroom will be be completed to a high standard. 



To speak to one of our plumbers in Ashford about your new bathroom, or to arrange your free, no obligation quotation, then call us today on 01227 361806, or get in touch with us through our contact form.

Save time, money and energy with our highly qualified team of plumbers

There are many benefits to you having one of our experienced plumbers instal your new bathroom for you.

Ashford plumber installing sink pipe

Time saving

Choosing one of our experienced and highly skilled Ashford-based plumbers to fit a new toilet, bath, shower or pipework in your bathroom will save you the time of installation and potentially reinstalling elements that may be fitted incorrectly.

Cost efficient

We ensure that the right parts are being installed in the right places, saving another trip to the shops. Our experienced plumbers' work on your new bathroom also means that we will save you the potential cost of extensive repairs in the future.

the Complete plumbing service

From the initial discussion of your requirements, to the plumbing installation and the after care service, our plumbers will work with you throughout. 

Qualified plumbers across Ashford

Based in Whitstable, our plumbers travel across the South East, including Ashford and Kent, to fit new bathrooms, showers and pipework for a wide range of domestic customers. 

Call us today on 01227 361806, or visit our contact page to send us a message and find out more from our experienced plumbers about your new bathroom.